Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Injuries

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Brain injuries are usually easy to diagnose, particularly traumatic brain injuries because there is a clear event that was likely to cause it in the first place. It is simple to use an MRI or a CT scan to identify intracranial bleeding or any other brain abnormalities. The degree of the brain injury, whether it is mild or severe, it is often hard to diagnose, partly because of the difficulty of assessing symptoms.

Paramedics will use a Glasgow Coma Scale as a means of identifying the potential for a brain injury. The scale rates eye response, verbal response and motor response on a 1-6 scale and then adds them up. Any score less than 15 may indicate a head injury.

The Glasgow Coma Scale is not wholly objective, but the results of the test can give a general sense of a person’s cognition and neurological control to help determine treatment and appropriate rehabilitation and therapy.

Recovery from brain injury is possible, but even mild traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent damage from which an individual never fully recovers.

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