How Will a Pre-Existing Injury Impact My Compensation Claim?
Pre-existing injuries can significantly impact workers’ compensation claims in Queensland, adding complexity to an already challenging process. When an employee sustains an injury at work, the presence of a pre-existing condition can raise questions about the extent of the employer’s liability and the worker’s entitlement to compensation. In this article, we’ll explore how pre-existing injuries Find out more >
Injured while working on a Visa? Your compensation entitlements explained.
You do not lose rights to workers’ compensation simply because you are working under a visa. All workers, whether living in Queensland permanently or working here on a visa, are entitled to a safe working environment.  All workers are entitled to proper training, supervision and equipment to ensure their safety at work. If you are Find out more >
Claims for personal injury compensation for accidents caused by stolen cars, unlicensed or unidentified drivers.
Car theft in Southeast Queensland is reaching epidemic proportions. Sometimes people can be injured in an accident involving a stolen car, often driven by an unlicensed teenager. This article talks about the entitlements to personal injury compensation, in circumstances where the car at fault was stolen, the driver was unlicensed or flees the scene of Find out more >
Can I return to work after a successful TPD claim in Queensland?
In Queensland, workers who have suffered a total and permanent disability (TPD) often wonder if they can return to work after a successful TPD claim. This article aims to provide insight into this question and shed light on the various aspects that individuals should consider when contemplating a return to work. What is a TPD Find out more >
Can I change jobs when on Workcover in Queensland?
In Queensland, if you are currently on WorkCover and considering changing jobs, it is important to understand your rights and obligations. While changing jobs might seem like a natural progression for career growth, it can have implications for your ongoing workers’ compensation claim. Before making any decisions, it is crucial to understand the potential consequences Find out more >
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