Slip and Fall Loophole – Australia Law

It’s Australia’s slip and fall loophole.

Take a tumble on a public footpath and bad luck. Now, the campaign to make councils pay. This is the story as featured on Ch 9’s A Current Affair.

Gavin Mills, practice director for GC Law agrees that it is time for local council authorities to take responsibility for accidents that occur due to pavements that are incomplete or faulty or in need of repair.

“It’s time for these municipal bodies to start taking responsibility and stop hiding behind legislation, there are a number of people who have suffered falls, slips and injuries due to faulty pavements and footpaths and their ability to claim compensation due to these injuries is severely restricted or nonexistent  due to this legislation. We’d like to see councils and local municipalities stop hiding behind the current legislation and for politicians to change the current laws to allow for compensation claims ” 

Gavin Mills Practice Director GC Law Robina.

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