Child Support Payments – What are Your Liabilities?

The Child Support Agency takes into consideration a various range of income amounts when determining how much child support each parent is liable to pay.

An “income amount” (as defined by the Department of Human Services) includes:-

– personal earnings (eg wages, salaries, bonuses, commission, etc),
– monies (cash)
– valuable consideration (eg you receive goods, services or other benefits in exchange for an item, action or promise)
– profits (amount of earnings in excess of its expenses)

Other examples of income include financial investments and non-Australian income.

Weekly workers’ compensation payments are considered income when calculating a parent’s child support obligations.

When a parent receives compensation after a personal injury claim, the lump sum may be taken into account by the Child Support Agency in deciding whether child support payments should be altered.

In addition, if a parent is in arrears with their child support payments, the Child Support Agency may collect the payments in arrears from the compensation payment.

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