Gold Coast Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

There’s no such thing as “brain injury law” or “spinal injury law”. What determines the law that applies to the claim is the circumstances of the accident, not the type of injury suffered or the severity of the injury.

If someone suffers a whiplash injury in a car accident, then the same law applies to the claim as if they were made quadriplegic. If the negligence of an employer causes a back injury, the same Workers Compensation laws applies as if the same person suffered a finger amputation.

But what make spinal cord injury cases different are the intensity and the cost of litigation. Spinal cord injury cases are high stake cases. The amount of compensation in issue can be extraordinary, the injuries are life changing, and the cost of future treatment and rehabilitation can be massive.

So a “spinal cord injury lawyer” is really no different to lawyers who represent injured people in car accidents, work accidents and in public places, except for one thing, their skill, perseverance and dedication to put together the best case possible for an insurance company.

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