Where Car Accidents Happen Most

There is no sure fire way to avoid a car accident. Sometimes you can just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But car accidents do tend to occur more often in certain places and at certain times.

You might think that falling asleep at the wheel during a long drive is more likely to cause an accident than cruising around your neighbourhood. But the truth is most car accidents occur close to home, probably because of the relaxation we feel driving on familiar roads.
If you’ve ever driven home after work, and as you pull into your driveway you realise your brain was on autopilot the whole way home, then you know the feeling.
The two most important things you can do to avoid a car accident on a short neighbourhood drive is to stay alert and buckle up. It sounds so obvious, but being vigilant about these two things makes you a safer driver.
Try to avoid falling into your comfort zone even when you’re approaching your house or if you’re just around the corner from home. Although you know the street like the back of your hand, car accidents often occur as a result of unpredictable events, like another driver, a crossing animal or mechanical failure. Letting your guard down decreases your responsiveness behind the wheel.

Unsurprisingly, more car accidents occur when there are more cars on the road. Drivers are more vulnerable to a car accident in the morning and late afternoon or evening, going to and from work. In 2014, 16% of all fatal road accidents occurred between 3:00pm and 6:00pm, while 31% of all fatal road accidents occurred between 6:00pm and midnight.
Understanding where and when accidents occur can help you stay alert and safe behind the wheel.

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