Work Related Injuries – Young Workers Are At Greater Risk

Young workers are more likely to be injured at work because of their unique risk profile. They are often inexperienced and the likelihood of an injury is highest during the first 6 months in a new job.
There are also developmental and generational factors that impact on a young workers risk of injury at work.

Developmental Factors
• Intellectually, the brain does not finish developing until the mid 20’s. The areas of the brain that develop last are typically those that control logical decision making, problem solving and controlling impulses.
• Physically, young workers are still developing their strength and fitness. They need more sleep and recovery time.
• Socially, young workers desire to impress others and fit in so will tend to follow the behaviour of co-workers (right and wrong) rather than ask questions or raise concerns.

Generational Factors
• Young workers will typically have had classroom style training rather than hands on experience.
• Young workers may respond better to information provided through images and technology, rather than highly technical written documents.
• Young workers may lack the perception of risk of injury. They may lack the ability to perceive when a situation has become dangerous.

Around 4,000 young workers aged between 15-24 are injured in Queensland every year. If you’ve been injured at work and need some advice on where you stand then call us for a free no obligation consultation on 1300 302 318. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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