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Been Injured in a Car Accident?

It is a sad fact today that if you drive on our roads, you have a chance of being involved in a car accident.

In the next 24 hours, around 4,800 Australians will be involved in road crashes – 550 will be injured and four will die.

If you or a member of your family has been injured in a car accident (either as a driver or passenger) you could receive a compensationpayout. Even if you were not injured as the result of a car accident, you should still investigate whether you have a claim for car accident compensation.

Being involved in a car accident is an extremely traumatic experience. You or your family can suffer emotional and psychological pain as well as physical injuries. These injuries may not be immediately noticeable but may develop over time.

A victim of a car accident, including passengers, may be entitled to claim compensation.

*Some research indicates that as many as nine out of ten of all car accidents in Australia are a result of alcohol and driver negligence. Illegal manoeuvres, tailgating, speeding, driving without qualification, negligent driving, dangerous driving and reckless driving are all causes of car accidents.

Other causes of car accidents include driver distractions, driver fatigue, drink driving, drunk driving, poor road or weather conditions, poor road design and layout and mechanical failure.

Motorcyclists have the highest rate of fatalities mostly caused by speeding.

P plate drivers accounted for the highest rate of injuries and fatalities amongst car and motorbike crashes, and the age group of 17 to 20 year olds represents the age group more likely to be involved in a serious accident.

It is most important if you or a member of your family has been involved in a car accident to check if you can claim compensation – at GC Law we offer a Free Case Review that will advise you on your whether you have a claim or not.

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Don’t wait till it’s too late, find out today if you are eligible to receive a significant compensation payout.

There are strict time limits set by the law for the making of car accident compensation claims.

So if you want to know whether you can claim compensation for your car accident, then it is important that you seek immediate legal help and advice.

You need legal advice to lodge and maximise any compensation claim, at GC Law our personal injury lawyers specialise in car accident compensation claims, so call us today.

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