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Boating Accidents & Compensation Claims

By 18 December 2015News & Articles

With summer approaching it’s important to keep in mind that often claims for compensation can be made for injuries occurring as a result of the operation of marine pleasure craft.

Pleasure water craft, especially wave runners and jet skis, account for a high number of injuries that occur in the ocean and in our waterways, but many injuries also occur on boats.

Personal watercraft liability can arise in the following situations:-
• Driver Inattention – Distraction and failure to anticipate the movement of other vessels in confined areas.
• Driver Inexperience
• Passenger Slip and Falls – The decks of boats are notorious for being slippery. Even with proper footwear, negligence and a disregard for proper safety precautions can still result in injuries  to passengers.
• Excessive Speed
• Driving Under the Influence – Rules similar to driving a car on the road apply to operating watercraft. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can increase the risk of an accident.
• Reckless Driving – This can occur when a driver is showing off or whose judgement is impaired due to the consumption of drugs or alcohol
Strict time limits apply to claims for injuries occurring out of the use of watercraft. For advice on where you stand after a marine accident please call us on 1300 302 318 for free no obligation advice.

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