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Can I change my lawyer during my personal injury claim if I’m unhappy?

By 27 January 2017News & Articles

You don’t need any reason to change lawyers. But most people change because they can’t contact their current lawyer, the client feels not enough progress is being made with the claim or they’ve just lost faith in their lawyer’s ability.

If you’re a dissatisfied client, then try talking to your lawyer first. If that doesn’t resolve your issues, then speak to another lawyer.In cases where we take over from other lawyers, we are usually able to come to an agreement with the old lawyer so their fees will be paid at the successful conclusion of the claim. This means the file can be transferred with no money changing hands until the claim is finished.

The procedure for the transfer of a file is that you sign an authority instructing the old lawyer to release your file. These types of authorities typically contain an agreement by the client to pay the old lawyers fees at the end of the case.

If you’re unhappy with the service from your current lawyer then feel free to contact Personal Injury Lawyers on 1300 302 318 for a free no obligation second opinion. At GC Law we’re here to help.

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