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Falling Objects – Hazards on the Work Site

Building site accidents where workers are hit by falling debris or equipment are one of the most deadly of construction hazards.

Most injuries caused by falling objects require hospitalisation. Injured workers often suffer debilitating head trauma, which can lead to lifelong complications like Traumatic Brain Injury. The risk of shoulder, neck and back injuries are also high.

There are many ways to prevent injuries caused by falling objects. Some methods include restraint systems, fall arrest systems, catch platforms, anchorage, scaffolding and safety nets. Sometimes it can be as easy as creating an exclusion zone beneath the hazard.

Unfortunately, some employers routinely skimp on safety equipment in order to maximise profit. But it is not always an employer’s fault. Sometimes, mistakes made by other workers on a building site can also be responsible for not implementing falling object prevention systems.

Sometimes, mistakes made by workers high overhead can have devastating consequences for those below. If an injury was caused by a third party employee a claim for compensation may lie other than against a person’s employer.

If you’ve been hit by a falling object and suffered an injury you may be entitled to compensation. To find out where you stand call us now on 1300 302 318 for free no obligation advice. We’re experts in the field.

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