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Fear Of Re-Injury After Workers Compensation

A common reason for people not to make a full recovery is fear of being hurt again. The people in this category aren’t suffering from higher pain levels or disability than other people, they are just scared. Some people even have a post-traumatic stress type reaction that takes them back to the moment they were injured, when pushing themselves during recovery.

If you’re struggling with fear and lack of confidence after an injury then the experts have some tips to help you bounce back.

Take it slowly.

Work with trained physical therapists to develop a gradual return after injury. This helps your body heal, and your mind too. By doing a little more each day, confidence will build to help you get back out there.

If your feeling depressed, get help.

Sometimes getting back can mean working with a psychologist. It’s normal to feel blue when you can’t maintain your usual activity levels, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Keep Track of Your Recovery.
Even though you might be recovering, sometimes it’s hard to see the gains because you’re so focused on trying to return to pre injury levels. If you keep track of your recovery you can put measures in place to monitor your recovery and gain positive self-encouragement.

Physical impairments can contribute to functional deficits, whereas psychological factors may contribute to longer term functional deficits. Avoiding fear and lack of self-confidence as a barrier to a full recovery is possible.

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