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Getting Back To Work After An Injury

By 22 September 2017News & Articles

Getting back to work after an injury can be difficult. You have to try to stay motivated and understand that you don’t have to always have made a full recovery before going back.

You can be confident about self-managing recovery from your injury by seeking proper advice and explanations about your injury. You can also be an active participant in the return to work process.

You can work with your employer to identify suitable alternative or modified duties, and suggest ways your work could be altered to accommodate restrictions because of the injury.

Working with restrictions provided by your doctor will remove any risk of re-injury. Regular communication with your employer is also important, particularly when you’re away from work.

Delivering a medical certificate in person can often be a good way of staying in touch.

Returning to work after injury can be one of the healthiest options you’ve got.

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