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GC Law Checklist: What To Do If You’ve Been Injured At Work

There are several steps you need to know when or if you have been injured as part of your employment. It is very important that you are aware of your rights when injured at work.

To get the maximum compensation claim for your injury, it’s best to use specialised workers compensation lawyers such as GC law, because we know the law and personal injury is all we do.

Here’s a check list of things you need to do if you suffer an injury at work, make a copy of this check list and keep it handy.

1. Get first aid or emergency medical treatment straight away.

2. If you have medical bills or need time off work ask your doctor for a workers’ compensation medical certificate.  Keep one copy for yourself, one for your employer and one for your insurer.

3. Tell your employer so they can take steps to stop it happening again.  Fill out an accident or incident report and keep a copy for your records.

4. Contact GC law on 1300 302 318, we’ll start your application for compensation (claim form) and get the claims process started. You can also use our Free Case Review page on our web site to contact us. We’ll get back to you within 12 hours.

5. You must be a ‘worker’ under the Act who has suffered an injury or illness related to your work to be eligible for workers’ compensation.  Usually if you are an employee (whether casual, part time or full time) you are covered.  If you are a sub-contractor you may be covered – contact the insurer to find out.

6. Focus on getting back to work and what you can do. If you have concerns about returning to work talk with GC Law and/or your doctor and employer as soon as possible.

Your rights and responsibilities

You have a responsibility to:

• report your injury or illness and get treatment as soon as possible
• lodge a claim if you want to be compensated for wages lost and medical expenses
• be actively involved in your treatment and rehabilitation
• do suitable duties within restrictions set by your doctor until you can resume your normal duties
• attend medical appointments (for assessment only) arranged for you by your insurer.

You have a right to:

• make a claim for compensation
• choose your own treating doctor
• have all personal information kept confidential
• have a representative for any meeting to talk about your claim
• have an interpreter or advocate
• be consulted about your rehabilitation and get a copy of your suitable duties plan
• get advice before signing anything.

You can’t be dismissed for making a workers’ compensation claim.  You can’t be dismissed within 12 months after having an injury solely because you are unfit for employment because of the injury.

Your entitlement to compensation stops when your condition has reached maximum medical improvement regardless of whether you have returned to work or not.

Where can you go for more information?

For workers compensation claims enquiries contact GC Law at Robina on 1300 302 318 or contact your employer if they are self insured.

There is a downloadable version of this check list in a PDF format for you, download the Injured At Work Check List and keep in your locker or a safe place at work or home in case you ever need to use it.

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