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Gym Injury Accident Compensation

These days people are flocking to the gym, driven by either a greater awareness of the importance to their health of regularly working out, or motivated by a perception of better body image.

But working out at the gym can carry risks of serious injury. If an injury occurs at the gym that is either the fault of the gym itself, or a personal trainer, you may be able to claim compensation.

When most people join a gym, they’re asked to sign a disclaimer that says something like you agree to exercise at your own risk and you cannot hold the gym or personal trainer liable for any injury suffered.

This is a way that gyms try to protect themselves against claims, but a disclaimer does not relieve the gym of its legal obligation to take reasonable care for the safety of its members while they’re working out at the gym.

If a machine causes you an injury because it was faulty or not properly maintained, you may have a claim. If you’re injured because a personal trainer instructed you to do something beyond your limits that causes an injury, you may be able to claim compensation also.

If you suffer an injury at the gym, take a photo of the equipment involved, make a written report to the gym at the time you’re injured (and get a copy) and try to get the contact details for any witnesses. All these things will make your lawyers job easier, should you have a claim for compensation.

If you want an obligation free assessment on your prospects of a claim for compensation for an injury suffered at the gym then feel free to submit an online enquiry form. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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