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NEW QLD LAWS $330 fine if you drive within 1m of a cyclist

In 2013, 13 cyclists were killed on Queensland roads.

New laws will be introduced next month which will see drivers hit with a $330 fine and lose three demerit points if they do not allow a one metre buffer for cyclists.

The two year trial comes into effect on 7 April 2014.

When driving in zones with speed limits of 40km/h, 50km/h and 60km/h drivers must stay 1 metre clear of cyclists.  In zones with speed limits higher than 60km/h the buffer zone between a car and a cyclist increases to 1.5 metres.

Expert compensation lawyer Gavin Mills of GC Law said “Having acted for many cyclists who have been injured in car accidents before, it is a breath of fresh air that the State Government should introduce these laws to give all cyclists better protection on our roadways”.

These words have been echoed by a number of road safety experts and members of cycling clubs across Queensland.

A parliamentary inquiry began in June 2013 following the death of a cyclist who was killed when he was hit by a cement truck in September 2011.

The parliamentary committee made 68 recommendations to the State Government.  The remainder of the recommendations are still being considered.

Penalties for cyclists caught breaking the road rules will also increase to match penalties imposed on motorists for the same offence.

Motorists who break the new laws may be given on the spot fines.  If cyclists make a complaint after the event, and can prove the infringement with a witness or camera footage, motorists may receive an infringement notice at a later date.

If you or any member of your family or a close friend is involved in a bike related car accident, it is important to be fully aware of your rights and what compensation for personal injury you may be able to claim.

At GC Law we are personal injury experts and can help you assess your potential claim, you can even use our Free Case Review process to start your compensation claim.

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