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Refunds to Public Hospitals for Workers’ Compensation Claims

By 26 February 2014News & Articles

One of the many questions we get at GC Law regarding workers’ compensation claims and reimbursement of hospital treatment costs is “Who pays for my hospital bills if I’m injured at work?”

In Queensland, a patient does not have to pay for any treatment or accommodation in a public hospital except if the patient has a workers’ compensation claim or if the patient receives compensation arising out of a public liability claim.

If you are injured at work or in a public place and you receive compensation for your injuries, the insurance company must reimburse the public hospital for any treatment or accommodation costs.

The best way to ensure that your rights are protected is to contact a personal injury specialist lawyer as soon as you receive any injury in the course of your working environment.

By doing this, you get the best legal advice as to what you can and can’t claim and to what extent you may be liable for any costs for treatment.

GC Law are experts in workers’ compensation claims and we are here to help you .

If you need legal advice on any personal injury claim contact GC Law now on 1300 302 318 or visit our Free Case Review page, we’ll review all the details of your case and potential claim first, to determine if you have a good chance of success in claiming a compensation payout.

For more information on workers compensation and how GC Law can help you, please refer to our Workers Compensation Claims page.

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