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Roadworks Not To Blame for Car Accidents

The continuing saga of ongoing road works around the Gold Coast has been a frustrating exercise for most motorists including those who have been on a visit or holiday to the coast. With the light rail construction in Broadbeach and Southport areas and the ongoing works on the Pacific highway reducing speed limits and increasing congestion, motorists are becoming increasingly frustrated at the holdups and congestion they cause, but are road works the cause of car accidents, or are there other factors that contribute to these accidents.

Some police officers have reported an increasing number of car accidents related to the ongoing construction and roadworks along the Gold Coast Highway. However, the increase in car accidents hasn’t been caused by the roadworks. The increase in car accidents is due to drivers refusing to put down their mobile phone while they’re driving.

Recent surveys indicate that one in three car accidents that happen at roadworks can be traced back to talking or texting while driving.

Experts emphasise that driving requires the drivers full attention, especially when additional hazards such as roadworks exist. Distracted driving not only endangers people who are in vehicles, but also the road crews themselves.

Roadworks are significantly more risky than normal intact roads. Drivers face lane changes, lane closures, uneven surfaces and narrower lanes that require a higher degree of concentration than everyday driving.

Research has demonstrated that drivers process less than fifty percent of the information they see while driving and talking or texting at the same time making them a real risk of injury to other road users.

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