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Surveillance Videos in Personal Injury Claims

By 12 February 2016News & Articles

In personal injury cases where it is expected that the compensation payout will be large, insurance companies sometimes instruct private investigators to place the claimant under surveillance.

The benefit of catching a claimant out on video is that the insurance company may have to pay out less in compensation.

The main reasons for video surveillance are:-

• To attack the claimant’s credibility by demonstrating that their level of disability is different to what they’re making out.

• To establish that the claimant has given a false or inconsistent presentation to doctors.

• To demonstrate that the claimant has made a better recovery than is claimed and that the claimant is exaggerating.

• To show that the claimant has been working, when a return to work has been denied.

• To show the claimant has returned to sporting or recreational activities, which has been denied.

This type of surveillance is not just limited to video, but also to online social media websites, like Facebook. Many people still don’t appreciate how easy it is for an insurance company or an investigator to access these websites to obtain personal information about you.

So if you’re making or are about to make a personal injury claim, just remember someone may be watching you!

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