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The Impact of a Car Accident on your Body [Infographic]

The Impact of Car Accident Injuries – Both Mental and Physical

After being involved in a car accident, your body experiences both physical and emotional pain. In fact, the biggest shock to people is the mental impact of the accident and the fact that things may never be the same.

Physiotherapist Paul Michael from Moving with Ease explains the physical and mental impacts a car accident can have on a person’s life.

The interactive infographic below shows the potential effects on multiple key areas of the body.

“I have had a client with 7 broken ribs, 2 fractured knee caps, a ruptured spleen and a hip injury. His rehabilitation took over two years and he still has many issues that he must live with. In the first 6 months he couldn’t cough because of the pain in his ribs. He had to learn how to breathe properly again which affected his ability to continue work. This led to feelings of low self-worth and depression.”

Mental Health Effects after a Car Accident

A big part of an accident is the mental health impact. In many cases it can be worse than the physical injuries. Cars are becoming better and better at protecting their inhabitants in the case of an accident, but their mental health is not so easy to protect. You may not be able to support the family and pay bills which can take its toll on a person if it is ongoing.

A person may have to completely restructure their whole life after a car accident; their finances, career, relationships, mental health and fitness. Their injuries, either life-threatening or not; may force a huge change in the overall lifestyle of an individual. They may also develop a great deal of anxiety over driving due to the fear that they will be put through a similar ordeal again. All of these factors contribute greatly to a person’s happiness and satisfaction in life.

Importance of Support After a Car Accident

People often start to think they didn’t deserve what happened and find it hard to accept. The legal battle for injury compensation can really escalate the mental issues to the point where it significantly impedes their ability to physically recover. Paul Michael said you need to surround yourself with a support network of people who can take care of our needs such as physios, doctors and lawyers.

“I find that the people with good legal advice and support are much more confident. They are in good care and putting their health as the main priority over everything. Without this, people get very bitter and can make the road to recovery a lot longer.”

The Car Accident Recovery Process

Your physiotherapist will start to assess your injuries and begin making long term goals towards recovery: but what about all the paperwork, the issue of not being able to work and pay the bills? This is where a car accident lawyers can help.

How A Lawyer Can Help After a Car Accident

A personal injury lawyers can have just as much impact on your road to recovery as a physio or a doctor. You could potentially face 1-2 years of having to make stressful decisions and life changes while fighting for compensation after your car accident. A TPD (total or permanent disability) claim is a common claim after car accidents.

By consulting with a lawyer who specialises in insurance claims, you will have the support in making the decisions that can otherwise make you feel frustrated and be quite overwhelming to deal with.

  • A lawyer knows the ins and outs of the law and will be able to help you get the car injury compensation you are entitled to
  • They can help you deal with insurance companies while you concentrate on your recovery
  • They will help you with any negotiations, letters and paperwork.
  • Can help you deal with future medical costs and accident-related expenses

Ultimately, you’ll have someone for support and will be your advocate throughout the whole process. They’ll help in your fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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