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There Is No Such Thing As Privacy On Social Media

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If you’re making a claim for compensation for personal injury you should limit or abstain from social media. All it takes is one or two seemingly harmless posts to destroy your claim or significantly reduce its value.

Just as we as your lawyers collect evidence to build your case, insurance companies and their lawyers do the same thing, with the object of tearing it down. One of the first things an insurance company will do when they receive notice of a claim is Google you, hoping to find a post or a photograph that is inconsistent with the claim you are making.

Most people believe that their social media is private because of the way they have configured their settings. However, insurance companies and their investigators always seem to find a way to access accounts. There is no such thing as privacy on social media.

The problem with social media posts and photos is perception. No one likes to complain, so it’s natural to want to post about the more positive aspects of life – like dancing at a friend’s wedding or going on a holiday that was paid for a year before the accident. But the insurance company will pounce on these types of posts as an opportunity to discredit you.

If you cannot resist the urge to continue posting on social media while you have a compensation claim going, just remember that everything you post can been seen by the insurance company, regardless of your privacy settings. Don’t upload comments, photos or videos that could be misconstrued, and tell your friends not to upload things about you either. The wrong post could inadvertently cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

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