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Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents – Issue 2 – DRINK & DRUG DRIVING

By 31 January 2018News & Articles

In 2015, drink driving contributed to 57 fatalities on Queensland roads – that’s almost one in every 4 fatalities.

Drinking alcohol and taking drugs reduces our ability to drive safely.  Alcohol affects judgement, vision, coordination and reflexes, and increases the risk of crashing.

Drug driving is a serious road safety issue.  In the last 5 years approximately 40% of all drivers and motorcyclists killed who were tested, had drugs in their system.

Even a small amount of alcohol or drugs in your system can greatly increase the risks of being involved in an accident.

In Queensland, the following licence holders must maintain a zero BAC (blood alcohol concentration) when driving:-

• Learner drivers;
• Provisional licence holders;
• Probationary licence holders;
• Any vehicle weighing over 4.5 tonnes or an articulated motor vehicle;
• A bus built or fitted to carry over 12 adults, including the driver;
• A taxi, limousine or public passenger vehicle;
• A tow truck, pilot or escort vehicle escorting an oversized vehicle;
• A vehicle being used by a driver trainer to give driver training or a specially constructed vehicle;
• A class RE licence holder in their first year of riding.

Mixing drugs or medications with alcohol is another case of car accidents and can be especially dangerous.

It is illegal to drink alcohol while you are driving, even if your BAC stays below the legal limit.

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