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What Is Case Conferencing In Personal Injury Claims?

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What is case conferencing?

A case conference is a discussion about your treatment, rehabilitation or return to work, and is usually held between you, your treating doctor or rehabilitation provider and the WorkCover customer advisor.  A case conference can be held face-to-face or by telephone. The purpose of this forum is to plan and manage an injured worker’s return to work.

The role of a doctor and health provider at a case conference

At a case conference, information is shared about your injury, future treatment, rehabilitation and return to work needs.  In most cases, a case conference replaces the need for a written report.  After a case conference has concluded, the WorkCover customer advisor will provide a written summary of the discussion to everyone who attended the case conference.

How do doctors and health providers get paid for a case conference?

WorkCover will pay the doctor’s and health provider’s time based on item numbers in the Regulator’s Table of Costs.  WorkCover includes the relevant item number and fee on the case conference form.  The invoice can be faxed to WorkCover and it will be processed.

Please view our post about Queensland WorkCover Claims if you are after more information about how your case will work. If you would like to discuss the details of your WorkCover compensation case, please get in touch with one of our compensation lawyers today.

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