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What is “No Win No Fee” and why do we offer it?

You’ve been injured in an accident. You can’t go to work and your medical bills are stacking up. How are you feeling? Worried? Concerned? Fearful? You know that you need help, but on top of everything else, how can you afford a lawyer? They’re expensive.

You’re not alone.  All of our clients have similar worries and face similar uncertainties.

No Win No Fee means exactly that. If you don’t receive compensation for your injuries than you do not pay any legal fees whatsoever.  At GC Law we take it a step further – our no win no fee policy extends to all outlays as well.  We don’t charge loan fees or interest on legal fees or outlays (many of our competitors charge these extra fees, which can add up to a lot of money). There is no catch.  There’s nothing complicated or tricky about it. We don’t get paid unless you win. We will also guarantee that we will not walk away from any claim with more money than you by applying a cap on the amount of fees that you will be charged.

By offering a No Win No Fee service, we can offer legal services to anyone who needs help after an injury. Money is not a barrier to obtaining specialised and expert legal services. You can be assured that your legal rights will be protected, without worrying about “can I afford to hire the best lawyer to help me?”. The simple answer is “yes, you can”.

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