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Can I Claim Compensation For An Injury At Work Christmas Party

By 26 November 2013News & Articles

Another year has almost finished and we wonder just where the time has gone, it’s also the time that companies start thinking about workplace Christmas parties.

These parties are a time when everyone let’s their hair down and celebrates the year that was.

But what happens if in the course of your work place Christmas party you receive an injury?

By now most workers know that if they are injured at work then they are covered by employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Did you know that employees are also insured if they are injured at their work Christmas party?  The legal liability of employers for the conduct of their employees extends to work functions.

If a drunk employee is injured at work function (whether it be at the office or at an outside venue), or if they are injured on their way home from the party, the employee may be entitled to workers’ compensation to pay for any medical expenses or lost wages if they are unable to work because of the injury.  Once the party is over and employees move onto other bars, parties or clubs, the employer is no longer liable.

Some of the most common causes of injury at a work party include walking into a wall or object, passing out, or falling off furniture or a stage.  Another common cause of injury is slipping on spilt drinks.  The top cause of injury at workplace parties is falling over while dancing.

Employees are also reminded that due to the ever increasing use of smart phones and social media, what happens at the work Christmas party no longer stays at the party!

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