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Motorcyclists & Lane Filtering: Their Perspective

There’s been little publicity about lane filtering, so many people just assume that it is against the law.

You may have noticed that on the side mirrors of modern cars there is a warning that says “Objects appear closer than they appear.” If you’re a driver and you see a motorcycle approaching you in your side mirror, don’t try to get into the gap ahead.

The motorcycle IS actually closer than it appears. Motorcycles are smaller and move more quickly than cars. This can lead to an underestimation of the time of arrival of the motorcycle and increases the risk of cutting off the rider and causing an accident.

Most motorcyclists enjoy the freedom of riding on open roads on two wheels, but that doesn’t mean motorcyclists have a death wish. Do you really think that motorcyclists head out for a run wanting to have a crash or be injured?

Motorcyclists are overwhelmingly a law abiding bunch. Most motorcycle riders maintain a healthy respect for the risks of motorbike riding, ride within the speed limit, wear safety gear and respect other motorists on the road.

By keeping a proper lookout and being aware of the presence of motorcycles on the road, there is no reason why motorcyclists and motorists can’t share the road peacefully and safely.

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