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What Are The Main Causes Of Car Accidents?

There are a number of reasons why car accidents occur.

Diver error

The most common cause of car accidents is driver error.  Common mistakes include speeding, failing to give way, following too closely and overtaking when it is not safe to do so.


It is no surprise that when a driver becomes distracted from the road, the chances of an accident occurring increase.  Distractions can be outside the car, for example another road accident, or from inside the car, for example changing music or using a mobile phone.


There is a much higher risk of being involved in a car accident when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Bad weather

Slippery wet roads or reduced visibility caused by severe weather can contribute to an accident.  Extreme weather can cause unexpected hazards which driver’s need to be on the lookout for.

Road design

A poorly designed road or poorly placed signs (or no signage at all) can increase the risk of a car accident.  In such cases, local or state governments may be liable for any injuries suffered in a car accident caused by the poor road design.

Road conditions

The condition of the road can be a factor in determining the cause of a car accident.  Lack of proper maintenance, the presence of debris on the road or bad weather can cause or contribute to car accidents.

Vehicle defects

A tyre blowout, faulty brakes or other mechanical failure can cause a car to run off the road and cause an accident.

If you are injured in a car accident through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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