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Compensation Claims For Silicosis

stone cutting

Silicosis is an incurable and progressive lung disease caused by breathing in silica dust.

The disease causes stiffening and a build up of fluid on the lungs that can impact on a person’s ability to breathe.

Silicosis also increases the risk of bronchitis, tuberculosis and lung cancer. The symptoms of the disease can include coughing, chest pain, chest infections, weight loss, difficulty breathing and fatigue. The condition can cause death.

Silica is found in brick, stone, cement and numerous man-made stone products. Those people most at risk of the disease are stone masons, bricklayers and people working in mining and demolition.

Cutting and installing artificial stone has been named as a major cause of silicosis. These products are extensively used as kitchen and bathroom benchtops. Artificial stone is cheaper than natural stone, but contains higher levels of silica.

Compensation for silicosis can include pain and suffering, loss of earnings and life expectancy and future treatment costs like lung transplants.

Employers can be liable for silicosis compensation due to a failure to provide ventilation, masks, breathing apparatus and generally for not following lung disease prevention regulations.

A claim for workers’ compensation must be lodged within 6 months from the date of diagnosis of the disease.

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