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Are Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Legal In Queensland?

GoPros on helmets worn by cyclists and motorcyclists are becoming increasingly popular. Having a camera fixed to a helmet is considered to be an important safety device. Research shows that the behaviour of motorists improve significantly when the driver knows they’re being filmed. It’s a bit like slowing down when you know you’re approaching a police speed camera.

But the rules surrounding helmet cameras are inconsistent across Australia and differ from State to State. For example, a motorcyclist can be legally wearing a GoPro on their helmet in South Australia, but then cross the border into Victoria and be in breach of Victorian traffic regulations. At the moment, the use of a helmet camera is allowed in Queensland.

The argument for the illegality of a helmet camera is that once the camera is put on the helmet, the helmet no longer complies with the Australian Standards with which it was manufactured. Therefore a lawful helmet can become an unlawful one once the camera is attached.

Regardless of whether a GoPro makes a helmet illegal or not, what is more important is that the camera reduces the risk of accident, injury and death to cyclists and motorcyclists from ill meaning motorists.

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