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Refunds To DEEWR From Compensation Claims

Not many people have heard of DEEWR. It stands for Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. It is the Commonwealth Government Department responsible for providing services and support to people injured in accidents to help them overcome barriers when returning to the workforce.

DEEWR can help with job searches, writing resumes and helping people develop interview techniques designed to enhance their prospects of finding a job.

The services provided by DEEWR are free. However, if a person has received assistance from DEEWR because of an injury for which they are making a claim for compensation, then the Commonwealth can issue a notice requiring the injured person to repay the costs of its services.

The costs of the services are repayable at the end of the case when settlement monies are paid. The amount to be repaid depends on the amount of time the participant has spent in the service. The maximum amount a person can be required to repay is $1,760.00, but this amount can be applied pro rata if the injured person has spent less than 6 months in a program.

DEEWR recovers its costs directly from the insurance company. Usually clearances are obtained by an insurance company from DEEWR before paying out any settlement.

The amount of the refund is paid direct to DEEWR by the insurance company and the balance is paid to the injured person.

It is important that the DEEWR refund is taken into account in any settlement of a compensation claim. If you have participated in a DEEWR program, and compensation is paid without the DEEWR refund being paid, then the injured person becomes personally liable to repay the money. A person can also become liable to pay, even if the Commonwealth has not issued its recovery notice at the time of settlement. So there is no escape.

It is very important that if a person has received assistance from DEEWR that the cost of the program is included as a part of the compensation claim. Often clients are referred to DEEWR by Centrelink, without the knowledge that the costs of the program they are undertaking will be repayable out of their settlement. It is important therefore that the lawyer makes enquiries in order to establish whether there may be a refund. The client often has no idea about this repayment.

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