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Social Media and Personal Injury Compensation Claims

By Personal Injury Lawyers Gold Coast

Social media is great for sharing information with family and friends, but a growing trend that a lot of us don’t realise is that whatever you post on the internet via your social media network is accessible by anyone who wants to research you.

As an example, how many times have you posted a holiday photo on Facebook or tweeted about what you did on the weekend on Twitter? Chances are these photos, videos and written posts found on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are seen by more than just your friends.

More and more insurance companies and investigators are using social media to keep tabs on people making compensation claims. Even if your profile is marked “private” or you only sent that email to a few people, online records can cause major headaches for your personal injury claim.

Should you stop posting to social media sites altogether? While this is the easiest solution, it is not always practical in today’s world.

You should, however, follow a few simple rules:

• Make sure all social media settings are on “private” and don’t allow others to “tag” you in photos;
• Don’t accept invites from people you don’t know;
• Don’t send emails or post texts about your case to anyone except your solicitor; and
• Don’t post something online that you would not want the other side to see or read.

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