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What is a Musculoligamentous Disorder?

Musculoligamentous Definition:

A musculoligamentous disorder refers to an injury of the musculoskeletal system.  The musculoskeletal system relates to the muscular and skeletal parts of the body, such as muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves, tendons and more.

What is a Musculoligamentous Strain?

It can occur suddenly or over time. It does not include injuries such as fractures or dislocations or injuries caused by crushing or cutting.

Musculoskeletal disorders may include conditions like strains of muscles, ligaments and tendons, back injuries to spinal discs and nerves, joint injuries including injuries to the shoulder, hip, elbow, knee and ankles and nerve injuries (like carpal tunnel syndrome).

A very common example of a musculoligamentous disorder is a strain to the cervical spine, which is the upper-most section of the spine and neck. An injury to this part of the neck can quite easily come about from whiplash or a car accident, among others.

Man in red shirt holds head in pain

Many musculoskeletal injuries are caused by hazardous manual tasks. This could happen as the result of a car accident, work injury and more. They generally require a person to lift, push, pull, move, hold or restrain something.

Hazardous manual tasks can involve repetitive or sustained force, strong or sudden force, repetitive movements and sustained or awkward postures.

Musculoligamentous Injury Compensation

Musculoskeletal injuries can be permanent and impact on a person’s ability to work as well as overall quality of life. Suffering a musculoligamentous strain in the line of work may entitle you to compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation
  • Missed wages as a result of time off work
  • Allowances
  • Return to work support

If you’ve suffered a musculoskeletal or musculoligamentous injury at work then chances are you’ll have a claim for compensation. For free no obligation advice on where you stand, contact the experts at GC Law today!

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