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Your Legal Obligations About Returning To Work After An Injury

Worker Compensation Claim Form

Having an accident at work can have a big impact on your life. Research shows that getting back to work is very important to your overall health and wellbeing.

Once a workers’ compensation claim has been lodged and you are starting to recover from your injury, a legal responsibility also arises to try to get back to work. Your legal obligations are as follows:-
• You must make a reasonable effort to return to work in a suitable position.
• You have to make a proper effort to participate and cooperate in planning your return to work.
• You must comply with reasonable requests and directions by an occupational rehabilitation service, if one has been appointed.
• You must participate in return to work assessments and rehabilitation requirements for future employment.

Failing to reasonably attempt to meet any of these obligations could result in a suspension in payment of your workers’ compensation benefits.

WorkCover or your employer cannot force you back to work if you’re not ready. WorkCover will often obtain medical reports from your treating doctors before instigating a return to work program after injury.

If you feel that you’re being pushed back to work before you’re ready, call us on 1300 302 318 because we may be able to help.

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