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Are Satnav or GPS Systems Illegal?

Low level speeding is not ok!

After market satellite navigation systems are extremely common.  Many drivers attach their sat-nav unit to their windscreen with a suction cup or similar.  Do you know that you can be fined for positioning your sat-nav in the wrong place?

Installation instructions provided with your new sat-nav system are vague.  Given the vast differences in sat-nav designs, vehicle design and driver height and seating position, there is no set position for your sat-nav that will be acceptable in every situation.

A driver must not drive a motor vehicle unless the driver has a clear view of the road, the traffic ahead, behind and to each side of the driver (Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation 2009).

It is astounding how many drivers position their sat-nav on their windscreen with no thought as to how it will affect their view of the road.

Here are a few things to consider when working out the best position for your sat-nav:

  • If you are fixing your sat-nav device to your windscreen, make sure it is low to minimise any potential obstruction to the driver’s view.
  • Do not place your sat-nav where it may become a hazard or injury risk in the event of an accident.  This includes potential head strike zones or in a location where an airbag may come into contact with the sat-nav.
  • Consider the placement of any cables or power cords and make sure that the cables do not interfere or become tangled in any vehicle controls.
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